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See Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election Voter Percentage and See how much happened where

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What is the average turnout in the municipal elections in Gujarat? See how much happened where :

Elections for six municipal corporations of the state were held today. the typical turnout was 41.75 per cent. The turnout was less than within the last election.

  • 6 Municipal elections were held peacefully
  • The average turnout was 41.75 percent
  • Result on 23 February

Elections are the feast of democracy. But today within the feast of democracy people looked disappointed. Because, polling booths appeared empty in 6 municipal elections today. There are two sorts of images which will be considered a matter of great concern for our democracy.

The turnout averaged 41.75 per cent of the entire , the result on 23 February

Voting has been completed on 575 seats of 6 Municipal Corporations of Gujarat Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar. the typical turnout was 41.75 percent. Ahmedabad recorded rock bottom turnout of 38.73% and Jamnagar recorded the very best turnout of 49.64%. Rajkot 45.74%, Surat 42.72%, Vadodara 42.82%, Bhavnagar 43.66%. The turnout was less than within the last election. The turnout was slow since morning.

However there was a sudden surge within the afternoon. People didn’t leave within the populated area . Overall peaceful voting happened everywhere. the longer term of all 2200 candidates is imprisoned within the EVM machine. The count will happen on February 23.

Percentage of polling in 6 Municipal Corporations (Year 2015 and Year 2021)

The turnout during this election was 56.76 per cent in Jamnagar in 2015. The turnout was 49.64 per cent this year. Rajkot had a turnout of 49.72 per cent in 2015. The turnout was 45.74 per cent this year. In Vadodara, the turnout was 48.71 per cent in 2015. The turnout was 42.82 per cent this year. Bhavnagar had a turnout of 47.45 per cent in 2015.

The turnout was 43.66 per cent this year. Ahmedabad had a turnout of 46.51 per cent in 2015. While 37.81 per cent voting has taken place this year. Surat had a turnout of 39.62 per cent in 2015. The turnout was 42.72 per cent this year. Overall turnout was 45.67 percent in 2015. In 2021, the turnout was 42.72 percent. These statistics only show the extent to which there’s resentment among the people. It remains to be seen who will enjoy this resentment and low turnout.

Elections are the feast of democracy. But today within the feast of democracy people looked disappointed. Because, within the election of 6 Municipal Corporations, polling booths appeared empty. On the opposite hand, crowds of individuals were seen at food and beverage markets and shops.

People didn’t attend the polls

First came the image of voting within the municipalities. There was no enthusiasm among the people for voting since morning. Only a couple of individuals voted. The turnout was estimated at 41.75 per cent from morning till evening. People appeared to haven’t any interest in voting or people were offended in how .

Municipal elections Report in Gujarat by VTV News Gujarati
Divyabhasker News Report Gujarati Click Hare

People showed interest in eating

However, within the election environment, VTV decided to travel among the people and obtain the opinion of the people. For this reason, when our correspondent reached the food and beverage markets of the town , the scene there was something different. People were enjoying meals with family and friends. Today’s young generation, which is that the way forward for the country. He also seemed to haven’t any interest in voting. Then our correspondent also tried to understand the opinion of the youth.

Will people’s resentment become transformative?

Voters are offended and that we know the rationale for this displeasure. That in Corona’s time the govt has punished people within the name of masks, within the name of social distance, within the name of festivals, the police have rained punishments on people. Leaders, on the opposite hand, rallied within the name of rallies and meetings. Both the police and therefore the government remained silent. However, within the current scenario, voters somewhere, and particularly the youth, seem to be annoyed with the leaders. It remains to be seen whether this resentment of the voters will bring any change within the future.

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