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Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App is a smart tool for measuring field area and distance through the map and GPS compass. Using Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App you can convert different shapes of land, plot area into feet, square feet , meters, square meters, kilometers , miles , marlas, and canals. A variety of units help those people who work in fields and land areas to convert land , plot area into feet, square feet, meters, square meters, kilometers, miles, marlas and canals. Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App also allows you to measure field area with GPS land measurement.

Depending upon the State, various terms are being used across the nation to denote the area of a landed property. In order to better understand the offer of a seller, the terms as mentioned in the land documents, and to calculate the value of land, it is always advised to have an idea of the common land measurement units used in India.

Difference between a Plot and a Ground

While a plot refers to a piece of land, irrespective of its size, a ground is a land area measuring 2,400 sq ft. The land documents, wherein the land is divided into layouts, will usually give the measurement in ground or square feet.

List of some of the common land measurement units

Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Square Feet (sq ft)144 sq in (1 feet is 12 inches)
1 Square Centimeter0.00107639 sq ft
1 Square Inch0.0069444 sq ft
1 Square Kilometer (sq km)247.1 acres
1 Square Meter (sq m)10.76391042 sq ft
1 Square Mile640 acres or 259 hectares
1 Square Yard (sq yd)9 sq ft
1 Acre4840 sq yd or 100.04 cents (standard unit to measure land)
1 Hectare10000 sq m or 2.49 acres approximately

What is the difference between Square Metre (sq m) and Hectare?

A square metre is defined as the area that is enclosed by a square, with sides measuring 1 metre. One sq m is equal to 10.76 sq ft, and one acre is equal to 4,047 sq m. While residential plots are generally measured in sq ft, agricultural land is measured in acres.

Hectare, on the other hand, is used for land sale, planning, and agriculture. One hectare is equal to 10,000 sq m.

Finding the area of your property

A land is bifurcated into residential plots after making the necessary provision for roads, parks, schools, hospitals, markets, and other amenities. The number and size of the plot can be derived from the layout sketch. In case of a resale property, you can find the details of the property, including its area in the Sale Deed.

In case of a residential property, the area is usually given in the form of Square Feet (sq ft). However, in the case of agricultural lands, the property area is mentioned in terms of Acres or Hectares. In order to measure the land size, you need to multiply the length and the width of the available land.

Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App allows you to measure the distance of the area and path length. Keep the app turned on when you walk or drive around a region. Mark at least two points or multiple points to measure the distance of area between all points. After selecting points distance will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. Mark at least three points or multiple points to measure area. After selecting points area will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. Convert calculated distance and calculated area into any different units you want.

Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App allows you to calculate the total area measurement of a route. Calculate the area of different angles of land on a distance map. Insert a length of every side and find area measurement.

Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App helps you to find nearby places around you and visit different areas. Search to find nearby places with distance finder like Airport, ATM, Bakers, Bank, Beauty Salon, Book Shop, Bus Stand, Car Repair, College, Courts, Doctor, Food, Furniture, Gym, Health, Hospital, Hotel, Laundry, Lawyer, Market, Mosque, Museum, Parking, Pharmacy, Police Station, Post Office, Railway, Restaurants, Travel, University.

Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App is free for android users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Gaj? How many sq ft are there in 1 gaj?
A. A Gaj is a layman term for a Square Yard. 1 Gaj=9 Square Feet (sq ft)

Q. How many sq ft are there in 1 guntha?
A. 1 Guntha or Gunta = 1,089 Square Feet

Q. How many Bighas are the in 1 acre?
A. Ideally, the measurement of Bigha differs from State to State. For instance, in Himachal Pradesh 1 Acre = 5 Bighas, whereas, in Punjab and Haryana 1 Acre = 4 Bighas. In general, 1 acre can be anywhere between 4-6 bighas, depending upon the State.

Q. What is square foot?

A. Square foot is the most commonly-used unit. It is equal to 0.11 of a square yard. Square foot is most commonly used in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Singapore.

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