license News: The raw license will be renewed at home, relieved from the pressure of RTO

Braking News: The raw license are going to be renewed reception , relieved from the pressure of RTO

If the 6-month period of holding a raw license expires, you’ll not need to attend the RTO office for renewal.

The applicant will now be ready to renew reception on the web site of the Transport Department of the govt of Gujarat.

We Know driver’s license is most vital for us. if you would like to urge a replacement driver’s license you ought to pass a driver’s license exam in Gujarat for learning and main licence.

RTO Exam in Gujarati this Online Test is extremely useful to get a driver’s license from RTO within Gujarat, All RTO offices conduct theory exams of driver’s licenses on a computer base. It is also useful for Learning the License of sunshine Multirole Vehicle (LMV), Heavy automobile (HMV). Here we’ve given two-mode Learning and Test mode for you to remember about the RTO exam and take away the fear of failing and pass your RTO driver’s license Test with full confidence

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An application for renewal shall be entertained not more than one month before the date of expiry of the license.

If the application for renewal is made previous to, or not more than 30 days after the date of expiry of the license, the renewal will be made with effect from the date of its expiry. If the application is made more than 30 days after the date of expiry of the license, the renewal will be made with effect from the date of receipt of the proper application. In such cases a fee of Rs. 30/- will be realized.


  • Driving Licence.
  • Application Form No.2.
  • Form No.1 (Self-declaration as to the physical fitness for Non-Transport Vehicles)
  • or
  • Form No. 1A (Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicles only).
  • Fees as prescribed along with user charges

The legal document certifying that you simply are qualified to drive a motor vehicle/vehicles may be a driver’s license

You must choose among the available slots. Once the slot is booked, you would like to travel to the RTO for the test at the designated time. Your driving skills are going to be tested within the Permanent driver’s license Test. Your test is going to be conducted by an Inspector from the RTO. It involves the candidate having to drive through the RTO’s designated driving track. you’ll be tested on general driving skills, how well you follow the principles, and your knowledge of the principles. you’ll read the text of the automobiles Act, 1989 (Driving Test) for information.


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