License or RC Book Forgot at home? Don’t worry, Do not do the same without worrying, do not cut the currency

License or RC Book Forgot at home? Don’t worry, Do not do the same without worrying, do not cut the currency

Tension is not needed if the license or RC forgot at home and detained the police on the way. Just try a trick. The police can not cut the currency.
The government has removed the compulsion to keep or carry hard copies of licenses or other documents for any work. Now you have to open a Digicolor. This scheme has been launched and you can keep a copy of all your documents. People with DigiLocker will get two benefits. You can open a locker and use it if the document is safe and if another need arises.
The digital locker i.e. Digiclokar Prime Minister’s ambitious plan is a major part of digital India. The aim of the Digital Locker is to reduce the use of important documents such as birth certificates, passports, educational certificates, and promote e-documents exchanges between agencies.
The digital locker also has an e-sign feature that can be used to digitally sign in. According to the data released last month, more than 78 lakh people have registered in the Digicel service started by PM Modi’s government almost a year ago.
To create a digital locker, you need to create an account at You will also need your base card number for it. Sign up to the site. There will be two options for user verification. The first option is the OTP. This password will appear on the mobile number, linked to your support by clicking on it.
If you select the second option that means thumb, then a page will open where you have to target your thumb. If this target is valid then user verification can be done and you will be able to create your username and password. You can sell files in pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif format in the locker. The upload file size should not be more than 1 MB.
Currently, every user will be given 10 MB of space. The page that is expected to increase by 1 GB. This will ensure the integrity of online documents

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