LPG Gas Cylinder Insurance Scheme

LPG Gas cylinders are using by lots of people in India but no everyone knows about LPG Insurance Scheme. So Today we Share detailed Information About This Insurance Scheme by LPG Gas. This is Helpful Information For All LPG Cylinder Users.

About for LPG Gas Cylinder Insurance Scheme

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LPG Gas Cylinder Insurance Scheme 2

Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana Up To 50 Lakh Free Insurance available With gas cylinders. If the LPG cylinder ruptures while cooking or any accident, the victim’s family will get insurance up to Rs 50 lakh.

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This Insurance Provide by the third party insurance company. LPG company takes out a public liability policy from the insurance company for customers. LPG company pays a large amount to the insurance company every year.

The amount of compensation is paid by the insurance companies, forget it the victim only has to make a claim. If the customer does not claim this compensation, then no compensation will be granted.

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LPG Gas Insurance Scheme Features of the Public Liability Policy for Oil Industries:

  • Premium amounts cannot be adjusted or taken from customers.
  • In the case of a claim, the amount is transferred to the Oil Company, who then remits the amount to the claimant.
  • Claims can be made on account of:
  1. Legal liability.
  2. Personal accident coverage to Third Parties and damage sustained at the registered premises of the customer.
  3. The extent of liability for claims and the total compensation allowed for claimant’s costs and expenses incurred:
  4. Per event: Rs.50 lakh.
  5. Per person: Rs.10 lakh.
  6. Per year: Rs.100 crore.
  7. Personal accident insurance: Rs.5 lakh per person, per event, in case of demise.

Medical expenses covered up to Rs.15 lakh per event. Should be noted that the cap is Rs.1 lakh per person.
Immediate relief of Rs.25,000 per person, per event.
Property damage cover of up to Rs.1 lakh per event.

How to File An LPG Gas Insurance Scheme

Aggrieved customers can follow this simple process to file a claim against their LPG Gas company and receive their due coverage amount:

  • If there is any issue faced during installation the customer must immediately contact the Gas company through the agent performing the installation, at the time of installation itself.
  • If there is any issue faced while using the cylinder, or it is noted that the cylinder itself is expired/defective, a complaint must be raised in person or online through the LPG company’s website.
  • Once a complaint has been registered, the LPG company will intimate its area office to investigate the same.
  • If the damage is found to have been caused by the company’ LPG cylinder, the area office/distributor will intimate the local office, who will then officially register a claim with the insurance company.
  • Applications, grievances, claims from the customer should not be sent to the insurance company directly. The LPG company will forward all claims to the insurer and take care of the benefit payout.

LPG Gas Insurance Scheme: When filing a claim, the customers must submit these original documents, as applicable depending on the nature of the claim:

  • Death certificate(s).
  • Post mortem report(s).
  • Coroner’s report(s).
  • Inquest report(s).
  • Medical bills.
  • Doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Discharge card.

The insurance company will send a surveyor to the premises where the event took place in order to assess the damages and loss.

Bharat Gas LPG Insurance Scheme:

Bharatgas has an official page on its website http://my.ebharatgas.com/bharatgas/PublicLiability.jsp that informs customers about their rights and limitations of coverage.

Indane Gas LPG Insurance Policy

Indane has a page on its official website that informs customers about their rights, procedures to be followed, and the limits on coverage https://indane.co.in/transparency/insurance-policies.php.

It is to be noted that claim rejection is high in these cases as oil companies scramble to protect their own interests and their public image perception in terms of safety. If anyone you know has suffered because of LPG related incidents, do not hesitate to approach lawyers or the company itself to demand your claim.

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