Nitin Patel’s statement has come against the Navratri issue in the state.

Nitin Patel’s statement has come against the Navratri issue within the state. allow us to know what he said.
  • Nitin Patel’s statement on Navratri
  • “Government won’t organize Navratri”
  • “Even private organizers aren’t allowed.”

It is unclear whether the world’s largest dance festival is going to be held in Gujarat within the wake of the Corona epidemic. On the one hand, there’s the question of the livelihood of artists and people related to the industry, but on the opposite hand, there’s also the danger of accelerating the transition of the core.

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Yojana In Gujarat

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel made some clarifications in his statement at a time when the design of Garba at a time of epidemic could create a situation like this bell Mujh Mar.

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What did DYCM Nitin Patel say?

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has said that the Chief Minister has decided to not hold the state government’s Navratri festival. additionally, many Garba organizers have announced that Garba won’t be organized. Doctors have advised the govt to not go too far. Garba planning isn’t possible in these circumstances.

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